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Welcome to my grand garage sale

I'm currently selling a lot of no longer required items, in preparation for overseas travel. Since space in an auction description is limited, and the conditions are the same for most of my items, I'm listing them here.

Although there may be a lot of items listed, I am not a trader, who buys and sells items on trademe as a job. All my sales should be considered second hand.

I apologise if this page sounds harsh or authoritarian. I've sold several items before, and never had a problem. Most people on trademe are polite and have realistic expectations. But stating this sort of thing before the auction, rather than having a problem afterwards is generally best.


I prefer payment by direct deposit into my bank account. Alternatively, I will support Safetrader for items which sell for over $50, but you pay all fees.


I am quite happy for you to pick up any items you have won.


Generally, you have two options for postage, NZ Post or Courier Post.

Small items are $4 NZ Post or $8 Courier Post.
Larger items are shipped at cost + $1 for handling.

NZ Post is cheaper, but does not support tracking. I will not be responsible for damage or lost items if you use NZ Post. That being said, I pack well, and have yet to have a problem with NZ Post.

Courier Post is faster, and supports tracking & insurance. I recommend this shipping method for more expensive items. Although Courier Post is overnight, I do not ship every day, so do not expect delivery to be any faster than NZ Post.

Support / Help

I don't give support or help on my items. Once I've posted them, I consider my job done. A quick friendly email question to me may well get a reply, but if I don't know, or just don't want to answer, thats my prerogative. I'm not a retail store.

Returns / Refunds

Generally, I don't accept returns / give refunds. The only circumstance I will give a refund for is if some part of the auction listing turns out not to be true. I won't give a refund if you read the auction wrong, or if you make an assumption that turns out not to be true. If in doubt, ask. I'm quite happy to organise a time for you to view the item, or to take more pictures if you desire.

Acceptable refund example: I state in the auction that it is fully working, but when you get the item, it does not function.

Unacceptable refund example: I do not state the condition of the item. When you get the item, it is in poorer condition than you expected.

Before I give a refund, I'll want the item returned to me at your expense. If I am happy that the reason for the refund is not postal damage or your fault, I'll refund your initial payment (including the initial postage, but not including return postage) by bank deposit. I will not refund by any other payment method.

I won't give any refund for items which sell for $5 or less + shipping, since return shipping is nearly that much. Any request for a refund must be made within a week of me shipping the item. I don't refund if the item works when you get it, but it breaks a week later - I do not provide any warranty, this is a second hand sale.